The Art of Listening!

Listening can help us strengthen relationships, solve problems, build understanding, and resolve conflicts. The following are seven ways to enhance the art of listening:

1. Give your full attention – Whatever you do, do it in totality.

2. Avoid interrupting the speaker – Sometimes we think that we know what the other is about to say and rush to complete their sentences.

3. Refrain from immediate reaction/judgment – Even if you disagree with everything that the speaker says, try to begin your conversation with something you can agree with.

4. Empathize – While we can never truly understand what the other is feeling, we can certainly imagine ourselves in their situation.

5. Desist from offering unsolicited advice – When listening to someone talk about a problem, refrain from suggesting solutions unless asked.

6. Ask questions only to ensure understanding – Don’t ask questions to impress or divert the topic.

7. Give feedback – An ideal conversation includes constructive questions, unmistakable clarity on the main points, and a sharing of related stories that confirm mutual understanding.

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