Whats your prime time?

notebook and coffee with compass

There is a certain time and place in your life which is the most creative and the most productive.

Knowing what that time and place are can be a huge asset for you if you are able to use it often to be creative and productive.

Find your most productive work times by observing your daily habits and then chart out the times you find yourself most creative.

For some, their morning times are most precious; when they feel alert, focused and calm. While some others start to peak their activity as evening approaches and might find night times to be the most productive, when the distractions are minimum. You have to find your own rhythm. Just make sure you get adequate hours of sleep daily.

If there’s a task requiring high concentration and attention, schedule it for your most productive time. 

For me, early morning after my meditation at about 5.30 am when I go to my office and work there, is the most creative and productive. I have the whole office with a few rooms to myself with all the right tools and ambiance. I not only can get the whole day work done in 2 to 3 hours but also be superbly creative.

The key for me is to do this often.

How about you?

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