Sustained Success!

Social inequality and capitalism . Poor and rich flat icons of people standing on the piggy banks and gap between them

When we do things driven by ego, for fame and power, we seldom fulfill our deeper needs. The Ego is never satisfied. The more it gets, the more it wants!

Alternatively, if you just do things for others and forget yourself and your family, you end up being imbalanced and find it hard to sustain success.

However, if you do things to create a positive impact for others and yourself, including your family, you have balanced and sustained satisfaction.

Some people have an either/or approach. They feel if you want success, you cannot have balance. What they are missing is balance creates a deeper and sustained sense of success. The more your body is healthy, the healthier the impact on your mind and soul. The more your mind is active, the more active your body and soul will be. The more your soul is nourished, the more nourishment it provides your body and mind.

You have sustained success when you create a positive impact for others and yourself, overcome your ego and invite the synergy of body, mind, and soul.


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