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Small is Big!

A while back, when my family and I were driving the streets of Los Angeles, we saw what seemed to be a dead bird lying on the road. I drove past it and almost ignored it. Then, something compelled me to drive around the block and return to the bird. I got out and placed the little creature on the side of the curb. To my utter surprise, the bird trembled and stirred, and as we drove away, it flew back into the open sky. Apparently, it had been lying on the main road injured and just needed a little support to get back on its wings. Had I left the bird where it was, another motorist might have crushed it. It reinforced for me what little effort it sometimes takes to save a life! Furthermore, it set an excellent example for my children, who were in the car and saw the incident play out.

Small acts make a difference. The difference may not be anything massive (like saving a life), but the fact remains, many relationship issues arise because of small things.

Giving in small ways – whether at home, at work or in your community – can build momentum towards making a big difference. Small is Big!

One minute video from Azim

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