Small doubt too big!

Have you identified the key ingredients for success in your business?

Elon Musk, Founder of Tesla says, “If you’re trying to create a [successful] company, it’s like baking a cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the right proportion.”

What is that special effervescent mixing agent which brings it all together, without which success cannot be reached? It is the
Power of Belief!

The power of Belief has been well documented. We also know of this power intuitively. Where would we be without belief? Would you have invested in your business if you didn’t believe it would succeed? Would you have sent your kids to the best schools if you didn’t believe they would benefit from it? Of course not!

When we believe in something, our belief becomes a springboard – catapulting us toward action, which will, in turn, make that belief a reality.

What happens when your beliefs are not absolute or when you are uncertain? What kind of confidence will you convey to your customers?

While you may understand the importance of your beliefs in propelling you to success, you have to ask if you are paying enough attention to the beliefs of your team?  Does every single member believe in your company and endorse it fully?

In the era of social media, every team member is a virtual brand ambassador. For example, we’ve all come across the salesperson that is “on the fence” so-to-speak. He or she likes the company and its offerings but is not into it 100%. Less than total belief yields less than optimal success.

You can have the greatest idea/product; the best branding and market positioning, but if you or your team members do not share a full and comprehensive belief in its success, then your business can never reach the pinnacle!

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