Restoring balance of love in all that we are and what we do

As they say, love is what makes the world go round, for it touches every aspect of our lives and has numerous outlets for self expression. And some times, these expressions seem to run headlong into each other. The most common dilemma is balancing the love of your work and career with your family life. Very often one gets sacrificed at the altar of the other, because we assume that it is the only choice we have.

Its true that we cant have it all for how can we have everything. Because we are a part of the whole and a part can never consume the whole. But we are equipped to sample a little of everything life has to offer and partake a generous spread of the buffet.

With simple lifestyle changes, its possible to take to achieve a fulfilling life.

  1. Draw up your life Scorecard – Divide your life into categories and then dedicate time to each category. I call this my 90 day personal scorecard. For example I have outlined six areas which I deem important in my life; family, career, finance, health, learning and spirituality. And under each slot, I have identified a list of daily activities. For example its imperative that I spend at least 2 hours every day with my family. And when I mean 2 hours, I mean 2 hours. I keep the phone and internet off and offer my complete undivided being to my family. Being completely present to that moment and occasion, enriches that experience and renders it unforgettable. 
  1. Plan a Brunch or Lunch Date – Everybody’s got to eat and what better way to enjoy food than with someone, you enjoy being with. So I make it a point to catch up with my friends or family during lunch hour. I either go up to their workplace or invite them to my own. 
  1. A heartwarming call –  Our loved ones are just a heartbeat away and most of the times, not farther than a phone-call. So pick up the phone and say a hello. A five minute call asking how they are and saying the three magic words, has the power to uplift even the gravest of moods. They might not immediately reciprocate or even get surprised, but then love is all about those numerous moments that create a feeling of wonder and grace and not about paybacks. 
  1. Daily Gadget Free Time –  We have all have decided to keep ourselves gadget free, for at least two hours before we turn in for bed. That includes no TV, mobile and internet. You are free to read, get back to your hobbies, talk or even meditate. And trust me after a few weeks, we now look forward to those two hours everyday, when everything feels natural and connected back to the source. In our bid to be connected over the virtual world, we have started to miss the physical essence or the presence of things or experiences in life. Setting up yourself for a quiet time like this, adds up a whole new dimension to everything you perceive and feel. 
  1. Create your own Scared ritual – Create your own special rituals with your family and friends, that are peculiar to only you both. For example I take a daily morning walk with my wife, play soccer with my son every Saturday evening and take my daughter out for a lunch date every Sunday. Those are my special bonding rituals I have developed over time with each one of them. Creating a ritual, lends a certain scared space to that time, to that relationship, making it more precious and thus more meaningful. 
  1. Self Renewal Time – All forms of love essentially are rooted in the self. If we do not love ourselves, we cannot claim to love the other. So above all give time to yourself, time to get in touch with your inner self, time to renew yourself, time to emerge fresh and revitalized. Start by setting out a time for yourself everyday. Wake up an hour early if you have to do it. And make it your time alone. And your family including children should learn to respect that. Because unless you are connected with yourself, no other connection can ever assume any meaning. 
  1. Be Spontaneous – Above all be spontaneous. Give in to life when she beckons you. For example, when you are in the flow, giving a 14 hours at a stretch to work might seem the only plausible thing to do, while at an other time, taking an impromptu day off with your children might seem to be the most important activity. Be alert and open to life. Don’t straitjacket yourself 24/7 and watch the magic unfold.

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