Resistance vs Understanding

When you resist, there is tension, apprehension, anxiety. When you accept, there is peace, serenity, calmness.

Resistance comes from ego. ‘How dare you’ or ‘this is not true’ or ‘I know better.’ When you have temptation to react in this manner, stop and ask, ‘where is this temptation coming from?’

You may justify this reaction by saying I am only trying to help the other party, or if I accept this I am party to this inaccurate comment or outlook. Again, this is ego. Instead, say to yourself ‘let me try to deeply understand where the other party is coming from and what is driving this outlook.’ You do this by asking deeper questions without questioning their outlook. As you do so, you uncover things about their attitude which you may not have realized before.

More often than not, this process leads to a better understanding and acceptance.

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