Remove the dust

It is not easy to connect with our spirit. It is a challenging task that is accomplished only when we have overcome the barriers of illusion and impurity.

This spiritual cleansing or purification of the soul is analogous to wiping dust off a mirror that no longer gives a reflection. Once the dust is removed, the mirror shines and the reflection is clear. Similarly, to see inside our souls, the impurities — the “dust” — have to be removed.

We can remove the impurities through prayer, by living pure and ethical lives, and serving humanity.

One way to prevent impurities from obscuring our “mirror” is to always be aware of our actions and thoughts. The more self-aware we are, the more vigilant we become and the less “dust” we gather.

In life, either we search for the truth by going deeper or we pretend that everything is fine and just touch the surface. Living superficially is dangerous because it gives us a false sense of security. Searching deeper beneath the surface may make us vulnerable and bring us face to face with our weaknesses. Yet, when we face the truth head-on, we come to understand reality and are able to make decisions more wisely. This is the only way to live an authentic life that ultimately brings us to a higher spiritual realm.

Seek to remove the “dust” in your life and the “mirror” of truth will be clearer.


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