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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

What we choose to believe is a decisive part of how we choose to experience life. So be careful of what you choose to believe in; it might just become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here are three aspects of belief creation and its impact on our lives.

1. Subtle yet powerful mechanism – Your beliefs are often molded before you are even consciously aware of them. And almost as imperceptibly, you start subscribing to them. Gradually it becomes a fundamental premise of your life and a filter for all your life experiences.

2. Using the belief as a shield – Once you start believing something, you can settle back in your comfort zone and feel absolved of the responsibility to try something different. So belief often becomes a facade for obsolescence and complacency.

3. Self-affirming phenomenon – The universe is an open field of potentiality. What you can imagine, what you want to believe, you start creating. In short, whatever you focus on becomes stronger. So if you believe you are creative, then your intent, your approach, as well as all that you attract in your life, including people and situations, work towards re-affirming your belief.

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