Overcoming fear

Nature has a lot to teach us. A flower acts as a symbol of beauty, elegance, and openness. The flower give beautiful fragrance to every passerby, unasked. Positive pride is when you look at your life and gifts as blessings and utilize them to make a meaningful difference to those who cross your path.

If ego is darkness and awareness is light, the existence of one implies the absence of the other. Sufi Inayat Khan states, “All great musicians – Beethoven, Wagner, and many others who have left the world a work that will always be treasured, would not have been able to do so if they had not forgotten themselves in their work.” These people were able to transform themselves, like a caterpillar’s metamorphoses into a butterfly.

Self-transformation happens through the annihilation of the ego, from which the magnificent new form emerges. When you are consumed by ego, you become defensive, fearful, and self-centered.

Fear makes it difficult for you to tap into your innate gift and foster your winning attitude.

Fear is focused on the past and the future. With fear, you freeze and choke before you start, eliminating all chances of success. When you face your fears, you can convert a frightening experience into a moving and fulfilling one.

With positive pride and a goal larger than self, fear has no room to creep in.

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