Opening your inner eye

Just as an owl is blind to the light of the day, we are blind to the spiritual world. Everything cannot be seen through our eyes or heard with our ears. 
Can you see the air that you breathe? Can you see the fragrance of a flower? Can you see the wind that makes the trees sway? 
The things that we cannot see are often hard to believe. Sufis go a step further by saying we have difficulty believing things that are right there in front of us. The fish is born in the ocean, lives in the ocean, dies in the ocean, and yet asks, “Where is the ocean?” 
Similarly, we are born in spirit, live in spirit, and die in spirit, yet we persist in asking, “Where is the spirit?” 

We begin to notice and to feel spiritual matters more clearly when we open the inner eye. Then we see the fragrance, not just smell it! Just as a magnifying glass allows us to see things difficult to perceive with the naked eye, so too our connection to the soul allows much more of ourselves and the universe to be evident.  

It is not different in corporate life. Many leaders are devoid of heightened awareness. The leaders think they are seeing everything, however, many of them are blind to things that go on within the minds and hearts of their teams. When they are able to penetrate the team’s inner beings, they begin to inspire and uplift them. 

It is no different within families. Many spouses fail to see how their partners or children are feeling. When they begin to feel and understand their close ones, then the relationship soars to new heights of deep love and union. Until then, the relationships remain at a superfluous level. 
When we open our inner eye to spiritual things, we also open our eyes to the deep reality and experience the real joy and beauty all around us.

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