You can grow your own capacity by being a mentee and can enhance the capacity of your team member by being their mentor. When you & your team stop growing your business stops growing.

If you feel you are beyond the need of mentoring or being mentored consider the following examples:

• Oprah Winfrey was mentored by author and poet, the late Maya Angelou.
• Mark Zuckerberg was mentored by Steve Jobs
• Richard Branson mentored by Sir Freddie Laker
• Michael Bloomberg by William R. Salomon
• Warren Buffet was mentored by Benjamin Graham.
• Henry David Thoreau mentored by Ralph Waldo Emerson
• Quincy Jones mentored by Musician Ray Charles
• Colin Powell mentored by his father Luther Powell
• Mother Teresa mentored by  Father Michael van der Peet.
• Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg  mentored by Larry Summers

Mentoring another person is a wonderful gift you could give someone. There’s unexplained karma in the world that you get what you give and the more people you mentor the more the rewards come back to you, only multiplied.

It is important to do it right if you are planning to formalize a Mentorship program in your business including:

– Have clarity of the purpose of the program
– Create success metrics
– Clear business objectives
– Align it with the strategic goals of the organization
– Ensure solid mentor/mentee relationships (good constructed matches)

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