Make the Right Choices

The choices you make influence your well-rounded health. Do you choose to eat well and live an active life? Do you choose wisely between play and work; solitude and sociability; sleep and wakefulness; rest and exercise; caring for self and caring for others?

When you face up to your fears, they disappear. When you avoid blaming others and take full responsibility, you bring positive change into your life. You have the choice, and as you exercise this choice you create your destiny.

Audrey was struggling to achieve well-rounded health. After being guided at one of our sessions, she took these steps:

   Three or four times a week, she engaged in the 20:20:20 Hour of Power, devoting 20 minutes to exercise, 20 minutes to meditation, and 20 minutes to uplifting reading.

   During her 20 minutes of exercise, she listened to motivational sessions.

  She began multi tasking by taking separate walks with her husband and her teen-age child twice a week.

         These three activities gave her a head start toward her goal of more balanced health. Sometimes small changes create big results.

         Affirm that you appreciate well-rounded health. Acknowledge what is working in your life. Visualize excellent all-round health. All these techniques work. Get more tips from the book, Life Balance, The Sufi Way by Nido Qubein and me. 

         How successful you are in your relationships, the kind of success you achieve, and the financial security you attain all stem from how centered you are in your life. By keeping your life centered on correct principles, you create a solid foundation for the development of your life-support systems. You are then able to encompass and integrate the truly important areas of your life. What does it all have to do with well-rounded health? Living with integrity and congruence gives you the much-needed vigor and health.

“People with greater certainty about their feelings are better pilots of their lives,” Daniel Goleman assures us.

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