Make that Shift!

Making an excuse is easy – it is snowing, very cold, very hot, my back is aching, I’ve had a rough week. Similarly, doing something easy and unimportant is also not that hard to do. It does not require effort or much thinking, and provides seemingly instant gratification.  

However, discipline to do the most important things is hard. This is good and bad news. The good news is that fewer and fewer people have that ability to focus on the most difficult and most important activities. So, if you are one of the few, you will have the edge. The bad news is that if you are used to the easy way out, the habit will not be easy to get rid of. 
The more disciplined you become, the easier it is to be disciplined. The more lazy you become, the easier it is to continue to be lazy. Making the shift from lazy to disciplined will require commitment, sacrifice and desire. However, once you create the new rhythm it will be easier to sustain. It is worth making that shift! 

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