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Live in “day-tight compartments”

In his wonderful book, ‘How to Stop Worrying and Start Living’, Dale Carnegie shares a simple but great metaphor for living life in “day-tight compartments.”

Day-tight compartments, a term first coined by Sir William Osler, call for people to stay fully focused on the moment, on today. To be in control of only what is within the present “compartment,” not in the compartments behind you, far ahead of you, or even to the side of you.

By shifting your attention from the past, future, and any irrelevant concerns—all of which are out of your control—you will have more capacity to invest in the present moment. There is nothing else except the present moment. The present moment is where all the meaning lies and where all future possibility rests.

The Sufis say, “To grasp the present moment is to grasp eternity itself.” They believe that “you can plan for 100 years, but you don’t know what will happen the next second.” Life is indeed uncertain and unexpected, but we are the masters of this moment.

To be living and healthy today is a priceless gift to savor, cherish and celebrate.

Use this gift to make each day count. Live this moment intensely, passionately, and fully, for it will meet you but once. Make it the primary focus of your life. Plunge daringly into it.

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