We have four seasons to live — but three may already be gone

Small wooden pier on still lake in autumn foggy morning
Small wooden pier on still lake in autumn foggy morning

It is said we have four seasons to live — spring, summer, fall, and winter. But three seasons may already be over. Time, as we know it in this world, is very short, like the blinking of the eye. We have a responsibility to live wisely and effectively.

The most important thing we have in our lives is our breath. If we breathe in and we don’t breathe out, we are dead. It is as simple as that. Our breath is our life. Every breath is precious and important. What are we doing to advance toward our destiny as we take each breath?

We postpone living as if life goes on forever. We postpone spirituality, thinking we can handle it in our old age when we think we will have more time. But what is old age? Who can assure us of this old age? We can plan for 50 years, but we do not know what will happen in the next second. We need to integrate our spiritual identity with everything we do in the physical world. The way we walk, talk, eat, sleep, conduct our business, and interact with our family and friends can all be integrated with our spirituality.

This approach of living 24 hours a day with a spiritual grounding takes the sting out of death, as we are at every moment ready for the day when the body parts with the soul. “Die before you die” is a Sufi phrase used to describe a symbolic death that happens while we are still alive, meaning that we are ready and prepared if death knocks at our door.

The epitaph of Jalaluddin Rumi states, “When we are dead, seek not our tomb in the earth, but find it in the hearts of men.”

Once you are in your tomb you cannot be seen or do anything. It is when you are alive that you are able to make a contribution. Life is short — you have four seasons to live, but three may already be gone. Wake up!

Excerpt from the book, The One Minute Sufi by Azim Jamal.

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