Ingredients of Winning: Value feedback

We all receive feedback in one form or another from family members, employers, colleagues, customers, suppliers and coaches. Regular feedback and accountability can be valuable in many instances, especially when it comes from a competent coach and trusted friend. Being open and objective allows you to evaluate where you can do better. We all have blind spots and can miss some obvious errors we may be making. One of the qualities of successful people is inviting feedback and being open to it.

Having said this, some feedback can be counterproductive, so taking feedback blindly may not be wise. Only you can decide which feedback is valuable and which is not and act accordingly.

I did a presentation recently where I felt I did not cover all my objectives and perform to my potential. Not the best feeling for an inspirational speaker who talks about unleashing your potential. Therefore, I decided to analyze what actually happened. As I reflected on what I had covered, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that most of the objectives were actually met. Also, we had a few unexpected interruptions at the session that were beyond my control and which did not help with the flow.

There is always room for improvement, even when you have performed at your peak. Regular reflection on your performance is a useful exercise. My lesson from this event was that it is important to separate reality from illusion if you really want to go to the next level.

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