Ingredients of Winning: Excellence is a habit too!

People who strive for excellence stand out from the crowd. Their demeanour is unmistakable. You can tell that they mean business and will always deliver, no matter what. We tend to rely on these people and expect outstanding work from them. Were these people born with excellence? Absolutely not! Excellence is an acquired skill that comes from nurturing and mentoring. Parents, teachers, peers and mentors, as well as the environment, all play important parts in achieving this. The good news is that it is never too late to achieve excellence—as long as you are committed and are prepared to exercise the discipline and action required.

Aristotle said, “You are what you repeatedly do.” Excellence is thus not an act, but a habit. Most people do things unconsciously most of the time. So once you form a habit of striving for excellence, it will become second nature and you will perform excellently unconsciously. People who strive for excellence exude confidence and stand out from the crowd. They are admired for the results and spark they create.

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