Happiness is in the Journey

Sylvester Williams is starting on the defensive line for the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl on Feb 7.

Butch Davis, who was then head coach at North Carolina, recalls a visit he paid Williams, where he sat on the floor because there weren’t enough chairs in Williams’ apartment.

During that conversation, Williams spoke about his childhood, his siblings and his dad.

He said, “Do you know when the happiest times of my life were?'” Davis recalled. “He said, ‘When I was 12, my dad wanted to get us out of the projects. He bought an old, condemned, dilapidated farmhouse across the river in Illinois. We’d scrape the paint off, fix some of the windows.’ He said they worked on this house for six or seven months. A week before we moved in, it burned to the ground.
Williams went on. He said his dad bought an old, beat up car, which was on blocks. On the weekends, the family would piece it back together, finally getting it to run. Then it was stolen.

“My greatest moments,” Williams told Davis, there on the floor of his home, “were those two events, because we did those two things together.”

Davis started to well up with tears.

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