How about you?

Imagine you have been given a revelation that pronounces your death at this moment. However, in the same moment you are given a new life, an extension as it were, for an undisclosed time.

Part of the requirement of the extension is to make a new beginning and treat each moment as a gift of life that is given to you as a blessing, not a right. If you take this seriously, you are bound to feel an instant transformation—a release of all past and future. Try this powerful exercise.

A warning: it will be easy to go back to old ways once the thought wears out. You may need to do this exercise regularly for fresh rejuvenation.

Part of the message of Business, Balance & Beyond is not to forget the beyond while you are mesmerized by the temporal.

As Oliver Wendell Holmes says, “What lies before you and what lies behind you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you.”

The world needs you to open your gift, shine your light and create positive change.
Og Mandino writes:

A mulberry leaf touched by the genius of man becomes silk.
A field of clay, touched by the genius of man, becomes a castle. A cypress tree, touched by the genius of man, becomes a shrine.
A cut of sheep’s hair, touched by the genius of man, becomes raiment for a king.
If a leaf and wood and clay and hair can multiply a hundred, yea, a thousand fold, cannot I do the same with the clay that bears my name? I have unlimited potential.
Only a small amount of my brain do I use. Only a partial amount of my muscles I flex.
I will multiply my accomplishments of yesterday a hundredfold and I will begin that today….

You are the captain of your ship, the architect of your life, the master of your destiny.

Imagine your Creator said to you that you can have anything you want and do whatever you want to do. What would you ask for and dare to do? The real secret is that you already have within you all the power you need to fulfill your wishes!

Ask for business, balance and beyond to find the sustainable happiness you are seeking and ensure that everything you do henceforth is in some way aligned to what you have asked for.

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