Having Faith in the Unknown

Sufis know that life is a mystery to live in and not to solve. The Sufis have faith in the unknown. They believe in the process of life and, above all, in God. They realize that only God knows everything, and they are comfortable with what they cannot always foresee. The Sufis through their reflective and meditative nature are connected with their spirit and, thus, are in tune with their sixth sense.

 In meditation it is difficult to know where we are going or what to expect, but the Sufis go with an open mind, in the flow, and in the moment. The honeybee knows not what to expect when it is trapped in the petals of the lotus flower, but finds itself intoxicated by the sweet nectar of the flower.

Going into uncharted territory is risky, but Sufis feel they cannot go very far without risk. When we are able to commit ourselves entirely with love, we begin to see real growth and progress.

The Sufis look at every setback as a lesson from which one benefits and grows. Stumbling and falling en route does not ruffle the Sufi. The Sufi is also comfortable with bewilderment and confusion because these ignite the creative and imaginative faculty within him.

(Excerpts from ‘The One Minute Sufi’ by Azim Jamal) 

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