Getting in the zone

When you are “in the zone,” you are fully present and in tune with your deepest and biggest strength. You do the right thing, make the right move, and feel the right way. Feelings invite success. Your physiology affects your state. When you move energetically, you feel energetic. When you walk lethargically, you feel lethargic.

You become what you are doing, which is why workers in call centers are encouraged to smile when speaking on the phone. Their customers can hear the difference in their voices, even though they can’t see the smiles. You can change your state in a heartbeat by your movements and by inviting positive and upbeat feelings.

At times of extreme pressure, when there is a lot at stake, some people thrive and shine while others choke. Those who thrive and shine are the ones who are completely present and tapping into the signs they are getting at critical moments, signs that they intuitively trust and act upon.

Think of a basketball player going for a three-pointer with one second left before the buzzer. The crowd is shouting, the players are shouting, the coach is shouting. What is the basketball player going to do? Think of dinner that night? Or what his spouse said three years ago? Of course not. His mind, body and soul are all going to be 100 percent present for him to get the three points to win the game.

Imagine being present like the basketball player with your body, mind and spirit completely attentive. Can you imagine the power we can create with that kind of attention and energy? Most people are engrossed with past and future instead of the present, thus diffusing the energy and losing focus.

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