From criticism to admiration

People who care about you very much can sometimes be overly critical of you. You can react to their criticism by being defensive, or respond to it by appreciating their willingness to provide feedback so passionately. You may not agree with their feedback but you cannot question that they care about you — even though that may not always come across in their feedback. 

People who do not care about you will not take the time or energy to provide you detailed feedback. So next time a loved one is critical of you, instead of reacting with a defence mechanism, stop and thank them for caring for you. If your response is done sincerely and with patience, you will notice a gradual shift from their critical remarks to admiration. 
If you go the reaction mode, their criticism will become even stronger. This need not be that way, however, it will seem to go that way more times than you would wish if you keep responding negatively. 
So you decide what you want: More criticism, or transformation from criticism to admiration! 

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