eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

This beautiful line originally surfaced in a poem by Alexander Pope, entitled “Eloisa to Abelard” and later also figured as the name of a well-known Hollywood movie.

For me, this line exemplifies the state of mind of a person living in the now. A place, where the future and the past cease to exist. Where the burden of your memories and expectations no longer limit or constrain you in any way. You act with complete awareness and totality to the present. And this very act of totality opens the doorway to field of all possibility, the realm of potentiality. 


It might be difficult to imagine this state of being, since our very context, our identity is rooted in our past/future.  


However there is one way to access this field without letting go of your link with the past and future; and that is through the path of meditation. Meditation is one practice that helps you to relax in to your being and connects you back with your purpose. It expands your vision, helping you respond from a place of conscious awareness. I 


would recommend the daily practice of meditation to anyone wanting to experience the magic of the present moment and the joy of being one with the ‘now’.


For more details on how to accentuate your present moment, check out the book, ‘The One minute Sufi’ by Azim Jamal



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