Enjoy the ride you have chosen

Do you wake up to an alarm clock or an opportunity clock? Do you say “Good morning, Lord” or “Good Lord, it’s morning!” Enjoying the ride starts with having a positive attitude, looking for opportunities within life’s challenges.

Every industry has its culture. Each of these cultures appears to be driven by principles and values. Many professionals hardly realise that, apart from their jobs and the skills, they imbibe their industry’s value systems.

People assume they’re safe from influences, but when they ask the question, “What will I do?” they need to add another question: “Who will I become?

 What belief systems are important in your work and industry? Whether it’s in pharmaceuticals, medicine, city management?, or information technology, the respect and the status bestowed on you come only in local currencies and might not be valued elsewhere. That’s why its important you choose the field that’s good for you and the place where you feel validated. It’s not only about becoming wealthy but also about being wealthy, and enjoying the ride towards becoming wealthy.

 Make the process of getting to your destination pleasurable and stimulating. We are always rushing through life to get somewhere. The key is to enjoy the ride. We need to learn to be centred despite the chaos. We must learn to enjoy our work and our perspiration. The destination is in the journey. Make getting there all the fun.

 If you start to observe, you will run into beauty everywhere. The beauty in a fluttering autumn leaf, in the smile of an old man, laughter of a child, the joke enjoyed with a colleague over a cup of coffee, a clear night sky. We are in midst of beauty, we only need is to present to it. 

So wake up to your work, to your family, to life, to yourself and experience the divine in every moment.



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