Steps to taming the ego?

A reader recently asked me a question, “As a CEO, I see “egos” at work everywhere in the workplace. What are steps to taming the ego?”

Ego is rooted in fear. And the most common trigger for fear at the workplace is insecurity.

Our insecurities can range from lack of confidence in our abilities to fear of being ignored or taken for granted at work, to fear of losing our job etc.

The best way to counter this state of fear is by enhancing the positive pride of each individual and creating an environment of mutual trust & equal opportunity.

Positive pride is when you look at your talents as a blessing from the universe. You utilize them to make a meaningful difference to those who cross your path. People with positive pride are confident, open, and selfless.

Hare a few suggestions to transform negative ego into positive pride:

  1. Establish systems that can help identify, acknowledge and nurture the individual strengths of each team member.
  2. Involve everybody in the decision making process to underline their sense of belonging and contribution.
  3. Give regular feedback on their performance including insights on what can be done better to help them their personal goals with the organizational goals..
  4. Give them an opportunity to go beyond their job description or role to explore and challenge their boundaries to help them grow and hone their craft.
  5. Celebrate diversity – Value the differences in others and see their strengths. Celebrate the success of others as if it were their own.
  6. Finally, give them a larger than life, inspiring goal; something that the whole team can believe in and rally around to enhance their team spirit and enthusiasm.

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