Difference between negative ego and positive pride

egoEgo inflates you

When you find an excuse not to give it is the negative ego telling you all the reasons why you should not give.

Instead, if you find a reason to give, it is the positive pride saying to you it is a blessing and privilege to give.

When you live a life of illusion and seldom reflect deeply about who you really are, it is the negative ego making you feel you are all knowing. Instead, if you reflect regularly and write a journal to understand yourself deeply, it is positive pride telling you that self-awareness is the highest wisdom.

When the “I” becomes all-consuming for you and you filter everything in life around the “Me” mentality, it is the negative ego taking over. Instead, if you become considerate of others and care about people around you, it is positive pride telling you that you are interconnected with everyone around you.

When you feel you are egoless and never feel the death of the ego is necessary for you, it is the negative ego saying to you that you are faultless. Instead, if you reflect upon how negative ego creeps into your life now and again and you have to be on guard to overcome it, then you are in the positive pride zone.

When you overpower instead of empowering others, you are coming from negative ego. Instead, if you empower rather than overpower, you are coming from positive pride.

A slight shift has to happen in your life from a “Me” to “We” mentality, for you to transform negative ego into positive pride.

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