Positive disruption

With positive disruption, you vigorously reject and replace the status quo. One of the ways to create this disruption is to set unmistakably clear goals, and this takes effort because although most of us set goals in some way or another, positive disruption takes you to the next level.

Disruption in goal-setting begins with revisiting clarity and purpose. Are your goals clear and aligned with what you want and why you want what you want? Is your team clear about these goals and invested in them through their involvement in creating them? This will sound simple, however, most don’t get this right or at least can become better at it.

If your goals are audacious they will require a burning desire, not just a pipe dream. And that burning desire may be front and center for you, or it may be latent, waiting for the right moment. In any event, positive disruption entails finding, discerning or creating the burning desire that aligns with your purpose.

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