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People who are successful in life have all developed the skill of self-discipline.

Discipline is also a big point for service providers, especially entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs have no bosses to watch over them or make sure they are getting the job done. They have to be their own bosses. They have to supervise their own behavior. Part of their discipline is to believe firmly in behavioral economics – that every behavior they display must produce economic benefit.

Sometimes you may do things to contribute to good causes that produce no economic benefit to you.  But here too, you must assess whether you are using your time effectively and efficiently to produce the results you set out to produce and to provide the maximum benefit to those you are trying to help.

 Discipline also requires you to be clear about your purpose.

The clearer your purpose in life, the more focused you will be on the areas that are really important in your life.  Once you’re focused, you’ll know which areas to delegate, which areas to throw completely out the window, and which areas to give your best resources.

 Discipline, purpose, and focus are three powerful ingredients of success!

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