Die before you die

There comes a time in your life, usually in your 60’s or 70’s, when it dawns on you that life is not about you — it is about a cause larger than you! This is a point when the subject (you), disappears in the object (a goal larger than you).

This is a moment of truth that liberates you. You become a conduit of grace – shining your light and inspiring others to shine their light. You cease to be affected by jealousy, envy and, above all, ego.

When you reach that moment, you taste lasting happiness; a feeling that has been, up to that point in your life, an elusive goal. The shift from yourself to a cause, or from yourself to others, is a moment of truth that triggers pure joy.

Even if you have experienced this moment for a millionth of a second, you will have experienced the power of real freedom – or what Rumi would call a “die before you die” moment! 

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