‘Cruise control’ habits

A ‘cruise control’ habit is one that you practice effortlessly. This habit has become almost second nature to you.

What are your ‘cruise control’ habits? You will notice that you may have some superb cruise control habits such as regular exercise, meditation, or reading positive literature. On the other hand, you may have some not so good ‘cruise control’ habits such as eating irregularly, reacting to other’s behavior or not always working on your highest priorities.

The key to success is to increase your good ‘cruise control’ habits and decrease your not so good ‘cruise control’ habits. This will not happen by accident but will require a genuine desire, a plan, time line and accountability.

Which good ‘cruise control’ habits do you want to create, and which not so good ‘cruise control’ habits do you want to eliminate? What is your approach going to be, including the time line, and who is going to make you accountable?

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