Corporate brand

Just as you, as an individual, have your innate gift, so, too, should your corporation have a unique offering that distinguishes itself. We call it a brand.

What is your unique value proposition, your rare gift, and your service? The answer to this question creates the “brand—you.”

What is your company’s brand, your offering that distinguishes you from your competitors? This answer creates the “brand—your company.”
Most executives wrestle with the problem of trying to articulate their product offering, target audience, value proposition and unique selling points in a quick and simple statement, yet the ability to do so is essential for long-term success. If you can’t define who you are and what makes you special, don’t expect the market to do it for you or to get it right.

The strategy statement for Corporate Sufi Worldwide Inc. is:
Corporate Sufi is a recognized thought leadership organization delivering transformational coaching, content and tools that inspire executives to work to their peak, attaining life balance and moving beyond business towards significance and happiness.

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