Choosing your level

“We started out to get a computer in the hands of everyday people, and we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.”-Steve Jobs

Once you decide to commit to something, everything falls in line, whether in business or in life. The important thing is to decide. If you are wishy-washy with your decision, your energy will be diluted. A clear direction and an action plan set the wheels in motion. Not being decisive reflects uncertainty, lack of confidence and nervousness. When you send out uncertain vibes, you will receive uncertainty.

A winning attitude is the belief that you can do it, no matter what. A winning attitude is a gift from the universe. We admire the glory of the stars, the warmth of the sun and the beauty of the changing seasons. These attributes spring from a universal benevolence. We, as humans, also have attributes bestowed upon us by a generous universe.

But you have to decide at what level you want to play your game. Do you want to play in the Premier League or in Division IV?

If you want to play at the top level, then everything you do has to reflect that. How you and your team interact with clients, employees and other stakeholders has to reflect top-level attitude and outlook. If you want to play at the top level but part of you believes you are not at that level, it will manifest in your behavior. Your own demeanor has to align with that top-level standard. What you feel within you translates into your actions, reactions and overall behavior. Self-confidence comes about when you have paid the price to be better and better every day. You have become a lifelong learner to fully appreciate the value of growth and wisdom.

Every day you have a choice of doing things as they come along or focusing on priorities. Focusing on key priorities creates the best outcome. Your attention and energy are directed and channelled.

Some people work on outputs instead of outcomes, but at the end of the day it is the outcome or the results that count, not the effort or output.

(Excerpts from the book, Business, Balance & Beyond)

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