Business, Balance & Beyond

I have travelled to over 30 countries and spoken with thousands of successful and wealthy people from these countries. 

Many of these people are struggling to find balance and happiness. One would think that business and financial success leads to balance and happiness. It certainly can, but somehow it is not happening. 
Why could that be the case? Here are some of the reasons:
– As you get successful, your responsibilities increase, not decrease; thus requiring more time and effort leading to imbalance.
– As you get more, you want more, not less!
– You realize that adding more zeros to your net worth does not necessarily equate to adding more to your happiness.
We at Corporate Sufi Worldwide have made it our mission to promote the harmony of Business, Balance & Beyond. Our philosophy is success and (not or) balance; success and (not or) happiness. The philosophy here is to not ignore business or balance or beyond as you climb the ladder of success! 

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