Brilliant Idea!

Ideas come from the higher source and acting upon them right away is expressing gratitude for the blessing.  By procrastinating we lose the momentum and the intensity of the idea.

If you get up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea act on it right away and implement your thoughts. It happened to me once and by early morning I was able to put together material that I had been struggling to complete for the past few years! I could not believe how clear everything appeared.

I learned that we have to act upon a trigger right away – whether it is midnight or midday. If you are busy doing other things put them aside and attend to or implement the new idea pronto.

While you are on the swing of things address the following questions as well:

⁃ What problem is your brilliant idea trying to solve?
⁃ What ideal goal is your idea trying to achieve?
⁃ What obstacles can you anticipate to implement the idea?
⁃ What are the different resources that are going to be required to implement the idea effectively?
⁃ What are the different steps and activities required to implement the idea?
⁃ Who in your team will do what and by when?

The above questions will not be addressed fully in one sitting and may require others’ input but you will get a great start to them by posing them while you have conceived the magical idea.

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