Balancing our lives

It is important to have balance in our lives. Through balance we find peace of mind and inner happiness. When one part of our life is not being properly looked after, such as health, family, or spirituality, our life becomes lopsided.

Balance creates synergy. Synergy means creative cooperation leading to greater results. The better one part of our life is going, the more effectively it is able to support the other parts. The more the soul is nourished, the more it helps the body and mind. The healthier and more active the body is, the more it is able to help the soul and mind. The more the mind is positive and active, the more it helps the body and soul. 

With the many demands on us in our day-to-day lives, it becomes difficult to achieve balance. If we are able to focus on fewer but more important things and give up the non-essentials, balance becomes easier. When we are able to do material things on spiritual merit, everything we do is well grounded and balanced. We need to ask ourselves the following questions: How is this activity helping my spirit? How can this activity help my spirit? Do I really need to do this if there is no spiritual value to this activity? These questions clarify in our mind the spiritual merit of what we are engaged in. We also need to balance reason and passion to get optimum results. 

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