Business, Balance & Beyond

stones stacked on each other on the background of the ocean

Many leaders have not quite realized that balance leads to more success, not less; that success without purpose and fulfillment is a failure and that life is not just about selfish success but about contribution!

From working with leaders across the world for the past three decades, I have discovered that most of them have primarily three challenges:

⁃    business is always a work in progress and never a finished product no matter how good the business becomes. So the work never stops!

⁃    finding harmony between their work, family, finances, health, spirituality and lifelong learning in the elusive 24/7 lifestyle.

⁃    the deep, deep desire to find purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in their work and life!

We therefore at Corporate Sufi Worldwide have made it our mission of inspiring and empowering leaders to achieve material success, blended with a deep sense of purpose, passion, and fulfillment. We call this the synergy of Business, Balance & Beyond, and it’s achieved by unleashing the power within that we all share.


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