Be the Watcher!

Hundreds of thoughts might be going through your mind at any one time. You may have a challenge at work, or have been fired, or have problems in a relationship. But these thoughts, often have no particular direction or purpose. Become the all-encompassing watcher of your thoughts (become the sky and not the cloud) and this will set you on the path of self-awareness.

Awareness means achieving greater clarity and honesty when looking at all aspects of your life. You understand what others are trying to communicate to you on a deeper and more realistic level, you’re able to be honest with yourself about your faults and your positive traits, and you have a greater ability to lead.

Heightened awareness comes from self-awareness. Great leaders have heightened awareness. Heightened awareness includes accepting that we are responsible for our actions, expectations and beliefs and how they influence what we do. We also notice our patterns (good and bad) and work towards changing our not-so-good behaviors and emotions so that we transform them to our advantage.

A great awareness builder is to write a regular journal. There is no one particular way to do this. The key is what suits you. It can be as little as jotting down few bullets before you go to bed asking yourself: What did I learn about myself at work today? What did I learn at home? What made me happy or unhappy today and why?

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