Balancing Act!

yellow flower on the pile of stones

Many leaders across the world struggle with finding harmony between their work, home, health, finance, lifelong learning, and spirituality. It is an ongoing balancing act!

Clarity on the following questions will help you with the outcome:

1 Are you clear of why life balance is important to you and what it means to you?
2 Are you clear about what specific areas you struggle with and why?
3 Are you clear on what you need to do to achieve Life Balance for you?
4. Are you clear what will happen to you if you continue to live an imbalanced life?
5. Do you realize that life balance leads to a deeper sense of success instead of lack of success?
6. Are you a great time, energy and self-manager?
7. Are you great at building trust and healthy relationships?

The response to these seven questions will help you to take appropriate steps to gradually overcome this common challenge.

Some of these practical tips will play a part in your success:

– Procrastinate the unimportant, execute the important

– Do first things first. Know what is first things!

– Track where your time is going

– Do the most important thing when your energy is highest

– Be totally present and focused on the important task on hand to expedite outcome and enhance the quality

– Invest time in building trust and relationship

– Treat others as enlightened people

– Create memories instead of creating videos!

– Slow down to speed up! Slow is fast when it comes to connecting with people!

– Create meaningful daily rituals which enhance your balance

– Execute around a tight set of priorities

– Enjoy the ride to wherever you are going

– Give people the best possible interpretation

– Do less to achieve more!

– Practice the hour of power – 20 minutes meditation, 20 minutes exercise, and 20 minutes reading

– Decide on the top three things you need to accomplish the next day and finish these three first

– Get into your zone often where you create magic and feel special

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