Azim Answers: Isn’t giving more important than receiving?

I often get asked this question in my sessions as many perceive receiving as a reflection of inadequacy on the part of the receiver.

However, receiving is as important as giving— listening, witnessing, observing, and paying attention are all part of receiving, and we cannot be truly spiritually open until we are as open to receiving as we are to giving. 

Try this: close your hand and make a fist. Can you receive it now? Or will anything given to you slip away? Now, open that closed fist and bare your palm. With an open hand, you can give and receive. Giving allows you to receive and receiving allows you to give.

Whether or not we acknowledge it, we receive it daily without registering it. We receive the air we breathe, the sunlight we feel on our skin, the fruits and vegetables we harvest from nature, and the love of the people who care for us. We receive peace in our countries, given to us by many people who sacrificed their lives. We all stand on the shoulders of others who have brought our civilization to where it is today.

Receiving and giving are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other.

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