Attracting wealth and success

Where you are today is a result of your thoughts and actions. Yes, circumstances have played a part in your journey, but you have also contributed to the mix. If you want to change your future, begin by changing how you feel about yourself. The moment you start valuing who you are and what you can contribute, the world will respond in kind. You cannot expect others to value you more than you value yourself. So the work begins with you. You are the architect of your life.
For example, some of our wealthy clients treat their money with respect, discipline and effort, which returns their wealth handsomely. One of our clients who owns many hotels starts every morning by looking at numbers from all the hotels, followed by a discussion with the respective managers. He is on top of finances—no wonder he has lots of money. Those who boast that money is not important to them attract less money into their lives. To have wealth you must not only pursue wealth but also attract it.
The late Jim Rohm put it beautifully: “Success you do not pursue, success you attract. Success you attract by becoming an attractive person. Success is not what you make, but success is what you become!”

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