Are you connected to your spirit?

Are you connected to your spirit?

If you are in bliss, filled with gratitude and feeling love for one and all you are probably connected to your spirit.

The spirit is in all of us but many of us lose the connection because of our obsession with the material world around us – our possessions, ego, grievances.

A person connected to the spirit probably has as many, or even more, challenges as the person who is not connected to the spirit. However, he or she is still in bliss, grateful and, content.

It does not mean that the person connected to the spirit is not ambitious or does not want to make progress; it just means that this person is pursuing his or her dreams just like the next person, but approaches his or her dreams from a place of blissfulness, gratitude, and love, thus enhancing the vibrations that attract those dreams.

How about you?

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