20 years from now!

Prophets, saints and holy people all had their share of sorrows. Why would people so close to divinity go through this?
Also, many great successful business people and sports stars also went through many ups and downs before achieving success.

Knowing how to find sense and meaning in challenges, problems and even tragedy is important to survive and eventually thrive. Begin learning by going back in your life and recalling how you reacted to your own past challenges, problems or tragedies, and how some of your friends, family or colleagues reacted to theirs. You will notice positive and negative responses. Learn from them— noticing which ones were helpful, and which ones caused sadness or stress.

If you reflect on how the problem or tragedy is going to impact you 10, 20 or 50 years from now you will see the problem in a different light.

Assume full responsibility for your life – You are the captain of your ship. And while you cannot change circumstances, you have the power to choose your response to them. Taking responsibility also implies that you finally accept how your own attitude is feeding your sadness. Reclaim your life and your right to create your happiness. 

Every single moment is precious and a gift of life. The air we breathe, the sunrise and sunset we witness, the children we love!

If you have lost a loved one or one of your family members or friends is going through the virus you must be questioning why you have to go through this. My prayers and best wishes go out to you to find the strength to overcome your challenge and sorrow.

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