The 10:10:10 Moment

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Certain moments in life can change your life. For me, it was on Oct 10 at 10 am in 1997 what I now call the 10:10:10 moment when I received a phone call to go to Asia as a volunteer to work with refugees.

The phone call led me to go to Asia and work with refugees where I experienced events that moved my soul.

During one cab ride after interviewing refugees and hearing heartbreaking stories in a hut, I sobbed like a baby. That 25-minute cab ride for me was the defining moment in my life leading me to change my career from “accounting for business to accounting for life”.

It is ironical that when you give wholeheartedly you get back something even more powerful. I gave my time to volunteer and the in return I found my passion, calling, and gift that I was born with!

How about you? What has been your defining moment in life? If you have not found it yet, volunteer for a cause you care about!

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