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SPARK by accident!

I had a meeting scheduled with a friend at a coffee shop. However, for some reason I ended up at a wrong coffee shop, situated a few blocks away. While waiting for my friend, I ran into a someone whom I had not seen for 10 years. She said that she had come across one of my books recently and was planning to contact me but had been apprehensive of how to go about it. Our meeting was a sheer chance meeting. Or…maybe not.
I took our meeting as a good omen, and to confirm how the Universe conspires when we aspire. In this case, my contact aspired to meet me, but the only way I could bump into her was to end up at the wrong coffee house. Later, as it turned out – through this contact and subsequent discussions, it led me to a long term business opportunity which was not expected at all. So both of us benefited through this unexpected encounter (or accident).

How do these types of improbable coincidences happen? A lot has been written about synchronicity, but I will mention a few which resonate with me:

– The more you notice these kind of happenings, the more you attract them.
– The Universe is giving you a hint that you are on the right track.
– It is a grace from the divine.
– When you reconnect with your Source, you notice and invite more of these positive occurrences.
– You feel that the Universe is collaborating with you.
– You shift your attitude from having doubt to becoming doubtless.
– Instead of looking at your work as requiring unimaginable effort, you view it through the lense of it being effortless.

You have attracted a SPARK by accident!

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