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Is procrastination a bad habit? Yes and No.

Yes, it is a bad habit to procrastinate:

– Exercise

– Proper nutrition

– Quality family time

– Expression of love and appreciation

– Reading

– Lifelong Learning

– Coaching & Mentoring your team

– Goal setting with your team

– Being coached & mentored yourself

– Becoming focused

– Prioritizing

– Being Grateful

– Counting your blessings

No, it is not a bad habit to procrastinate:

– Watching TV

– Getting angry

– Blaming others

– Being lazy

– Overeating

– Gossiping

– Sulking

– Swearing

– Smoking

– Drinking alcohol

– Taking harmful drugs

In other words, procrastination is a bad habit if you procrastinate all that’s important. On the other hand, procrastinating is not a bad habit if you procrastinate the unimportant.

Do not sweat procrastinating the unimportant. However, with the important, what you can do tomorrow, do it today instead.

Have clarity of what is important and what is not important. Then take action on what is important, pronto!

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