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Game Plan

What is your game plan to achieve your objectives?

If you do not have specific objectives and a clear game plan you will rely on Lady Luck to provide you success and usually she prefers to side with the winner who has done his or her prep.

Some of the things to keep in mind in preparing your game plan will include:

–  Being organized so at any given point in time you have a written list of important outstanding things to complete and timeline.

– Preparing not only the tight set of “To do” list but also “Not to do” list. Practicing the mantra of less is more.

– Being prepared to say “No” to many things that don’t lead you to your objectives and “Yes” to a few things that do.

– Doing one thing at a time from your game plan to its completion than many half-done jobs.

– Doing tasks from your game plan very well the first time around so you avoid doing it again.

– Being an effective delegator and utilizing your team well.

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