You cannot win them all

You cannot win them all. In fact, it’s not good to win them all, because you will end up serving people who are not your target group and whom you cannot serve at your peak. 
You are better focusing on people who want to improve, and more importantly, whom you are most qualified to serve. This way, your performance will be at its peak, your customers will be wowed and you will increase your business. 
The first step is to identify who is your core target. Secondly, target this group in all of your marketing efforts. Third, stay focused on this group and turn down work you feel is not aligned to this target. 

Planning your meeting

How important is what you are grappling with now? If it’s very important in terms of results it can create for you, and the consequences of not achieving desired outcome are big, then it requires your undivided attention.

Get all the facts on the table to expedite the decision-making and planning process. When you have incomplete information, it takes much longer to decide and plan. If you desire efficiency, avoid discussing outcomes before you have all the facts. If you are meeting to discuss the facts you need, that is fine as long as you are clear of the meeting’s purpose.

Thoroughly preparing for a meeting can greatly enhance the outcome in terms of the overall results.


The beauty of the calendar is that it often gives you an opportunity to make a fresh start.
Every Sunday you can make a fresh start. If you are in Dubai, it is Friday when you can make a fresh start. So already, you have 52 opportunities during the year to make a new beginning. Then there is the first of every month – there you have another 12 opportunities. Then you have special days – your birthday, your children’s birthdays, your parents’ birthdays, anniversaries and so on. So many opportunities to make an excuse to make a new beginning. 
Why do we need an excuse? No matter how disciplined you are, life can take you away from your goals or core focus. A deadline comes in taking all your energies and putting everything else on a back burner. A short term emergency makes you totally consumed. These incidents can cause you to become imbalanced. Sometimes, it is the opposite – the daily routine makes you become boring and narrow, requiring a shake up to take you away from the rut. 
Whatever the case, it is useful to take stock now and then to ask whether you are living a life that you are proud of, and making a positive difference to one and all – including yourself!

Doing nothing

Sitting on the sofa, sipping coffee and not doing work or thinking about it, is a rare moment for most type-A business personalities. The only other time this happens is hopefully when they meditate or pray (if they practice this), otherwise they are constantly thinking about work. It is difficult for type-A personalities to “switch off”!

Doing nothing occasionally, actually opens up your creativity. The constant thinking and working clogs you. You can become mechanical, boring and not as effective as you think. It is true that there is no shortcut to hard work, however, hard work does not mean hardly taking a break. It means working hard but also spending time with loved ones, exercising, reading and quiet relaxing time. It is the balance you need – the “Corporate Sufi” way!


Trust is a powerful word. It begins with trusting yourself. If you cannot trust yourself, it is very hard to trust others.

Why do people not trust themselves? Past failures, lack of discipline and constantly changing the ‘goal posts’ are part of the problem. Upbringing, environment and parental influence also plays a big role. If your upbringing gave you security, unconditional love and positivity, you are more likely to trust yourself. If you were constantly put down and made to feel that you were useless, you will be less likely to trust yourself.

If your upbringing did not help, what is the solution? Remember that the past need not equal the future. There are many examples of people who struggled in the past but recovered to create great successes. Start by creating clarity of what you want and why you want it. Next, act daily towards your goals. Stay focused and do not let yourself stray from where you are going. Evaluate your progress regularly, and be open to constructive feedback from mentors you trust!

Quality and Clarity

Be bold. Ask for what you want. Don’t be scared of rejection. Every time you get a rejection, you will be closer to a ‘Yes.’

The key is to decide on your core targets, provide a fantastic service, and boldly move forward. You will be surprised at how the momentum takes off – slowly at first, but surely.

The trouble starts when there is lack of clarity and lack of exceptional quality. Then the tendency becomes timidity and lack of confidence.

The key is to enhance quality and clarity!


Gratitude is a powerful feeling. It focuses on what you already have. It invites:

– good things
– fulfillment
– abundance
– blessings
– positive stress
– success

Every time I start my day with gratitude, my day is filled with many pleasant surprises. I am more alert to the many good things that happen everyday.

If you want your New Year and your new day to begin on a positive note, start your day with gratitude.

For me, I use my time on the treadmill or walk to say 500 times ‘All thanks is to God and all praise is to God.’ Why 500? Because it takes about 30 minutes and matches my exercise time. A worthwhile investment!