You cannot win them all

You cannot win them all. In fact, it’s not good to win them all, because you will end up serving people who are not your target group and whom you cannot serve at your peak. 
You are better focusing on people who want to improve, and more importantly, whom you are most qualified to serve. This way, your performance will be at its peak, your customers will be wowed and you will increase your business. 
The first step is to identify who is your core target. Secondly, target this group in all of your marketing efforts. Third, stay focused on this group and turn down work you feel is not aligned to this target. 

Working Smart AND Hard

If you have to make a choice between working hard and working smart, of course, work smart. However, you may find that you have to both work smart and work hard to be really successful. Both will be needed for great results. If you could only do one of them, then of course it would be to work smart. 
If you enjoy your work, then working hard will not a problem. It will be a joy and privilege. I have met many people who have made money and retired only to be bored and jump back into some kind of business or venture. 
Work is an addiction – people who work hard cannot stop working. The better approach is a balanced approach which is more sustainable, and also more efficient. When you spend time exercising in the morning, your productivity shoots up. If you rest well at night, you wake up refreshed and recharged to put in another great day. 

Your core offering

You probably have many skills and do many things – whether it is in your profession, business, community or family. 
Therefore, your focus is on many things simultaneously. This gives you a chance to make a living, create a network and keep your family afloat for the most part. You get by. Nothing wrong with this situation – hey, you are working your butt off!
However, unless you focus on your core offering, you will always be average. 
You would assume that most would know what their key skill or offering is – something they can share in one line or one minute. The reality is that most people cannot share that. Even some of the so-called successful people struggle with this. It took me more than a decade to come up with the one line – Corporate Sufi: Business, Balance & Beyond or Corporate Sufi is the harmony of Business, Balance & Beyond. 

Once you clarify that one core offering, you want to go all-out and align everything you do with it. In my case, my newsletter, videos, workbooks, books, coaching philosophy – everything is aligned to Business, Balance & Beyond. This is where traction starts to happen and you attract the clients that need your core offering the most. 

Business, Balance & Beyond

I have travelled to over 30 countries and spoken with thousands of successful and wealthy people from these countries. 

Many of these people are struggling to find balance and happiness. One would think that business and financial success leads to balance and happiness. It certainly can, but somehow it is not happening. 
Why could that be the case? Here are some of the reasons:
– As you get successful, your responsibilities increase, not decrease; thus requiring more time and effort leading to imbalance.
– As you get more, you want more, not less!
– You realize that adding more zeros to your net worth does not necessarily equate to adding more to your happiness.
We at Corporate Sufi Worldwide have made it our mission to promote the harmony of Business, Balance & Beyond. Our philosophy is success and (not or) balance; success and (not or) happiness. The philosophy here is to not ignore business or balance or beyond as you climb the ladder of success! 

Choose Clarity

Clarity in your business followed by action and focus will create a momentum in your business.

Action by itself will not necessarily lead to success if your actions are directed towards insignificant activities.

Lack of clarity could lead to scattered activities leaving the team frustrated.

Invest time to get clarity before deciding on the focus and execution.