Potent Internal Expressions

Your life is made up of both external and internal aspects. While the external includes your actions, behavior and outcomes, the internal deals with the power of your thoughts, beliefs, and creativity.

Each feeds off the other.

Your affirmations and imaginations form the most potent expressions of your internal life.

The legend of Babe Ruth’s “called-shot” home run in the 1932 World Series dramatically illustrates the value of conviction.  Playing in Chicago’s Wrigley Field, the New York Yankees had won the first two games against the Chicago Cubs.  They would go on to sweep the series four games to none.  Ruth, the Yankees’ top slugger, opened the game at Chicago’s Wrigley Field with a first-inning home run, then came to the plate in the third inning.  He took two strikes, and then, according to observers, pointed toward the centerfield bleachers.  He knocked the next pitch over centerfield and out of the park.

Legend has it that a teammate asked Ruth, “What if you hadn’t hit the home run?”  Ruth’s answer:  “It never crossed my mind.


Babe Ruth’s philosophy was “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”  He didn’t, and though he struck out more often than most players, he rewrote the record books when it came to home runs.

What you affirm and imagine, you invite!

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On a Roll

You will find there are times when things are difficult for you and there are times when things seem to be going pretty smoothly.

When things are going well for you, capitalize on the momentum fully, instead of slacking off. You want to act promptly on opportunities, while favorable conditions exist. The Universe is giving you a sign that your time has arrived so signal back by responding with actions that display readiness and positivity.

Once you lose momentum, it is hard to pick up speed. So when you are on a roll, keep going with enthusiasm and energy!

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Your Time!

Are you clear about your priorities?
Is your time spent in alignment with your purpose?
Are you organized and methodical? Do you have effective systems in place?
Do you manage time or does time manage you?
Do you plan and use your most productive time to do the most productive work?

Some practical and inspiring tips for you are:

• Do the most important work first thing in the morning – as the first hour goes, so goes the day!

• Avoid too many interruptions. Some interruptions are necessary for doing business but you also need to carve out some non–interrupted time to get your important work done

• Delegate effectively. Be clear in your instructions when you delegate.

• Write down your goals every morning. Writing brings clarity and clarity helps focus. By writing your goals each morning you become very clear of where your focus should be.

• Eliminate clutter. Too much clutter results in a lot of wasted time looking for things. A clean desk with good filing system not only saves time but increases effectiveness.

• Emphasize results, not activities. Just because you are busy does not mean you are effective. It is not how much time you put in, but what you do achieve that matters.

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Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is one that draws from the strengths of others. It is about awakening what is half asleep inside people. This requires that we inspire people to discover their innate abilities.  In a corporate setting, such leadership is crucial to business success.  The ability to unleash people’s potential, to energize them to use their talent and to work towards a common goal is the master skill of a true leader.

Leadership is about making leaders of your followers. People learn best when they have to teach others, so it is about unleashing the spirit of empowerment and involvement. There is so much richness within each person to be discovered. Until it is discovered, it will forever be absent from the workplace. It is the role of effective leaders to nurture this richness.

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Health is Wealth!

You can have all the wealth in the world, however, without your health it will be difficult to enjoy your wealth.

If you misuse your car you can replace it. If you misuse your phone you can replace that too. However, you only have one body which can never be replaced.

Exercising at the gym or by playing sports; having good sleep daily, and a proper diet plan all aid a healthy body.

Taking care of your body may not be a top priority for you because it is not urgent. But, in the grand scheme it is very (if not most) important!

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Prep & Luck!

Being fully ready does not happen overnight. It comes with years of preparation.

Then, one day after years of prep, opportunity knocks on your door and changes the direction of everything you do. Most people call that luck. And true luck certainly plays a part, however, without prep, luck would not get too far.

So prepare every day. Nay, every hour, towards your chosen dream. Then, when Lady Luck shows up you will be fully able to seize the opportunity!

When prep, luck, and opportunity coincide you get the formula for success!

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Congruence is a big piece of authenticity. The word refers to a harmony of actions. Your actions in all your endeavors must harmonize, much like the notes from a symphony of instruments harmonize to create a pleasing whole.

If you have congruence in your life, then what you say; how you think; and the way you act, all come together to make a complete, harmonious picture.

To achieve a high level of productivity requires authenticity. You don’t become successful by doing the right things – you become successful by being the right person. Who you are, leads to what you do, not the other way around. That’s what authenticity is all about. It comes from within the person. So, to achieve it we have to work on our inner being, not our outward actions.

Successful businessmen and women are disciplined in observing congruence and authenticity. Thus Congruence, Authenticity and Discipline are the cornerstones of highly productive entrepreneurs!

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